Acronis Backup & Recovery / Workstation Server v11.5.32308 + Universal Restore + BootCD (2012) | 1.84 GB

Acronis Backup & Recovery® 11.5 - делает резервное копирование и восстановление по-настоящему доступным даже небольшим предприятиям.
Решение предлагается в нескольких выпусках для различных платформ.:
Windows Server,
Microsoft Exchange Server,
Microsoft SharePoint Server,
Linux Server,
Microsoft Active Directory Server,
настольных и портативных компьютеров,
Microsoft Small Business Server,
Microsoft SQL Server
Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 обеспечивает резервное копирование и аварийное восстановление автономных серверов, а также портативных и настольных компьютеров и предназначено для небольших предприятий с немногочисленным или вовсе отсутствующим ИТ-персоналом.

Год/Дата Выпуска: 2012
Версия: v11.5.32308
Разработчик: © 2002–2012 Acronis Inc. ПО для резервного копирования.
Разрядность: 32bit+64bit
Совместимость с Vista: полная
Совместимость с Windows 7: полная
Язык интерфейса: Русский (Официальная русская версия)
Таблэтка: Присутствует

Что нового
Key features:
Support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 as well as Microsoft Exchange Server 2003/2007.
Express full backup method. This method is based on monitoring changes of the Exchange database files. Once the initial full backup is taken, all subsequent backups will only back up changes to this database without needing to read the entire database file. Combining this method with the data deduplication functionality makes it possible to back up large databases of 1TB or more during business hours and even over WANs.
Exchange clustering support. Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 supports SCC, CCR and DAG cluster configurations. You can choose to back up database replicas rather than active databases for minimal production impact. If the Mailbox role is moved to another server due to a switchover or a failover, the software will track all relocations of the data and safely back it up.
Continuous Data Protection. By using Continuous Data Protection, you can revert Exchange data to almost any point in time. If the most recent transaction log file survived, you can revert Exchange data to the point of failure.
Backup destinations. The backups can be saved to any type of storage supported by Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5, except for Acronis Online Backup Storage, Acronis Secure Zone, and removable media.
Enhanced granular recovery. Browse Exchange Server database or mailbox backups and recover single or multiple mailboxes or just specific e-mails. You can also recover calendar items, notes, tasks and journal entries.
New recovery destinations. Besides being able to recover data to a live Exchange server, you can recover:
Exchange databases to a regular disk folders.
E-mails and mailboxes to .pst files.
Support for UEFI-based virtual machines (applies to VMware ESXi 5 only). Back up and recover virtual machines that use Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI). Convert a UEFI-based physical machine to a virtual machine that uses the same boot firmware.
File-level recovery. Recover individual files and folders to the agent’s local file system (in Windows only), a network share, FTP or SFTP server.
Support for Changed Block Tracking (CBT) (applies to VMware ESX(i) 4.0 and later). Perform faster incremental and differential backups of ESX(i) virtual machines by using the Changed Block Tracking (CBT) feature of ESX(i).
Support for VM templates. Back up and recover virtual machine templates the same way as normal ESX(i) virtual machines.
Bare-metal recovery of Microsoft Hyper-V hosts. Back up an entire Hyper-V host along with its virtual machines without interrupting its normal operation. You can then recover the host to the same or a different hardware.
Enhanced support for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization environments. Back up and recover virtual machines running in a RHEV environment. Migrate physical machines to the RHEV environment (P2V); and migrate a virtual machine from a different virtualization platform to the RHEV platform (V2V).

Хеш сумма

CRC32: 7811FD89
MD5: D372A86D836AEE595875CC946667E058
SHA-1: C426765898BDCC9BCE0D3A26514845D244F82BC2


CRC32: 6CDD9A26
MD5: 59A45173BBC9A572B98F9E9FA2936D7F
SHA-1: 459EBE9C24B7003ACB7DADABB43629D399B60672

Acronis Backup & Recovery / Workstation Server v11.5.32308 + Universal Restore + BootCD (2012) | 1.84 GB Acronis Backup & Recovery / Workstation Server v11.5.32308 + Universal Restore + BootCD (2012) | 1.84 GB Acronis Backup & Recovery / Workstation Server v11.5.32308 + Universal Restore + BootCD (2012) | 1.84 GB Acronis Backup & Recovery / Workstation Server v11.5.32308 + Universal Restore + BootCD (2012) | 1.84 GB

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