Дата релиза : 2012 г.
Жанр: Teen, Group, All Sex, Amateur, Facial, Students, Blowjob, Cumshots, Slender, Shaved, Blonde, Brunette, Natural Tits

Everybody knows that even the most careless students and the hottest college girls have to pass exams. This really sucks, man, as we have to forget about college fuck parties and study hard. But who said that it's impossible to combine the two? I mean, if you study hard you sure deserve some rest, and a wild sex party is the best way to relax! So we all met in a cafe, drank some beer and talked about college life and teachers and all that. Then we bought more beer and chips and went to Eric's place to study. The sexy college girls brought textbooks and their notes, but reading it was so boring. Besides, after several drinks everyone forgot about exams. There was only hot college sex on our minds.
First Eric started caressing one of the sexy college girls, then they started fucking right in front of everyone. What, did you expect us to keep reading the textbooks? No fucking way! We drilled the hot university girls real hard in all of their holes, and it turned out that some of them were crazy about anal sex. We even did college dp, how crazy is that? You won't believe this, but even after this hardcore college sex session Eric wasn't completely satisfied. He took two hot college chicks to the bedroom, where they plunged into sexy college fucking. Of course we've got it documented in this student party sex video, these sex scenes are too fucking hot to miss 'em! Soon Eric had to leave, but all the rest were ready to party on.
Ever wondered why cute college girls go to the bathroom together? Now I know why! The wild girls fuck there, using anything they can find as sex toys. Luckily, we filmed this hot party fucking as well, because no adult party movie is perfect without steamy lesbian games. After a little break we went for a real college orgy, because everyone wanted more of hot students sex. I'm sure those pretty party girls got multiple orgasms, just check out the way they moaned and screamed. Yeah, I bet we got the lustful college chicks to cloud nine! As for the exam, I think we're all gona pass it. Well, at least we got well prepared to it. If the hot college sluts fail to answer any queastion, they can always impress the teacher with a college blowjob 

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Wild Girls Fuck Before The Exam Part 1-5 (2012) HD 720p | 5.97 Gb Wild Girls Fuck Before The Exam Part 1-5 (2012) HD 720p | 5.97 Gb Wild Girls Fuck Before The Exam Part 1-5 (2012) HD 720p | 5.97 Gb Wild Girls Fuck Before The Exam Part 1-5 (2012) HD 720p | 5.97 Gb 

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