дата 2013 
Продолжительность : 00:29:58

Описание : I was just finishing at the pump when this cute little blonde came up to me. She was asking about the bus stop times because her and her boyfriend got into a argument, and he took off with out her. She didn't seem desparte, but I asked her if she needed a ride. I guess I look harmless because this happens to me quite often. Maybe it's my fuel efficient car I have. Either way this girl was cute, and I didn't want to past up the possible opportunity. I had to get the car washed, which was a perfect time to get to find out about her situation. She was in a bad spot with no money and no place to stay because of her argument slash break up with her boyfriend. I got money on her mind, so she was asking about if I had any work for her to do. With a girl this cute who wouldn't think about fucking her. I was honest told her about my adult work. She didn't reject the thought but seemed more curious than anything else. One dollar amount grew to another, and she agree to some hardcore action for some cash. I got a sample in the carwash which I highly recommend, but don't blame me if you get caught. We went back to my place only to find out how sexy and inexperienced she was. She never I had a stranger before, and the more moves I put on her young tight box she told me a couple times her boyfriend never did that to her. She was such a great catch I made a deal with her, so she could stay at my place a for the time being. I wanted to fuck her and teach her a few more things before setting her back out into the wild.

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Carmen Callaway (Crazy sexy carmen / 10.11.13) HD 1080p | 2.13 Gb

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