Продолжительность: 00:23:54

Описание: With my cash in hand, I was going to hit the strip club a block away from my hotel. When I rolled into the parking lot, there was a girl having a smoke by the rear entrance. I asked if they were open. Brylee said yes, but that it wasn't that good. She had just gotten off and there was no one in there. I showed her my wad of cash, and told her I was going to make it rain in there. Brylee got all excited. She told me she didn't make any money, and we could work something out. Brylee agreed to a private dace at my hotel. I gave her the money once we got there, so she knew I wasn't messing with her. I got a quick little dance, but Brylee wanted more. She bit my cock through my shorts and said she would do more if the price was right. That day couldn't have turned out better. Brylee got naked and slobbered on my cock. I took her in the bed room and stroked her nice wet pussy. It was was warm and a perfect fit. She was a good fuck and well worth the money.

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Brylee Remington (2013) HD 1080p | 1.7 Gb 

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