[JoyMii.com] Den and Josephine - Sexting (23.07.2013 г. (2013) SATRip | 248.36 MB

Описание: On a quiet afternoon, Den and Josephine relax on the couch. Quickly glancing away from his phone messages, he notices her angelic visage as she leisurely reads a magazine. When he tries to snap a photo, she notices and quickly shies away. A little encouragement relaxes her to the point where she gives him a little tease of her bare shoulders, then another, and soon her shirt is unbuttoned. They embrace - both kissing passionately and falling into their lust-filled thoughts. The phone messages can wait.

Год 2013
Жанр All Sex, Hardcore, Big Natural Tits]

Продолжительность: 00:18:38
Формат видео: flv
Видео: On2 VP6; 848x480 (16:9); 1700 Kbps; 25 fps
: MPEG-1 Audio layer 3; 128 Kbps; CBR; 2 ch

[JoyMii.com] Den and Josephine - Sexting (23.07.2013 г. (2013) SATRip | 248.36 MB

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