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Имя модели: Catica Mamor

Имя модели: Sofia Siena

Keisha Grey (22967) (2017) SATRip | 376 MB

автор: Reliz3r | 13.07.2017, 14:04 |

The business world is cutthroat, and Keisha Grey is always sharpening her blade! The sexy little businesswoman is making moves at her firm, but she’s always posturing for more, especially when she finds out her colleague Mike has been promoted to vice president. Mike knows Keisha uses her tits and assets to move up in the work place, so he no doubt is looking for her to climb his ladder. And that she does! Just when she has him where she wants him, Keisha pulls her ace card and puts his big dick in her mouth. Next thing you know, Keisha’s butt naked in Mike’s soon-to-be VP office where she could also be working AND fucking. Let’s just say Keisha’s big natural tits, big fat ass and sucking and fucking skills put her first in line to work with the new vice president!

Harley Jade (22969) (2017) SATRip | 329 MB

автор: Reliz3r | 13.07.2017, 14:02 |

Lucas’s old friend from high school Harley Jade drops in town for a job interview and makes it a point to stop by and see him…full well knowing that he’s married and vulnerable. See, she and Lucas have some past history where they nearly fucked once while he was dating his now-wife; but she arrived early, cutting Harley from sealing the deal. And now she’s in town for revenge! Wide-eyed and worried, Lucas can’t help but stare at Harley’s big natural tits and fat ass, but now that he’s married he’s conflicted about it. That is, until Harley spends the night and wakes him in the wee hours of the morning to fuck him! Will he leave his wife in bed and fuck his old flame, risking his marriage? Find out!

Tiffany Tatum (The Tight Tiny Teen) (2017) SATRip | 766 MB

автор: Reliz3r | 13.07.2017, 14:01 |

Имя актрисы: Tiffany Tatum

It is an early morning and birds only start singing when the mean stepmother orders her sweet-looking stepdaughter to bring her fresh coffee right into bed. Poor hottie has no other way out but to obey. She just enters the kitchen when her boyfriend sneaks into the room through an open window. Couple enjoys a hard quickie after which blonde squeezes sperm out of her pussy into stepmother’s coffee. Stepmom even confesses this is the best coffee ever.

Nikki shows up at her massage appointment at Kai Taylor’s massage parlor and feels attracted to the humble Brit. She takes off her clothes and awaits a relaxing massage which soon turns into absolute humiliation!

Nina Skye (Playful Facial) (2017) SATRip | 257 MB

автор: Reliz3r | 13.07.2017, 13:57 |

Имя актрисы: Nina Skye

We interview the hottest girls around. Best part about it is that they are ready to fuck, and they know exactly why they’re here. they are here to get banged out. This hot asian nympho stepped into my office craving cock so that’s exactly what I gave her. Slammed her pussy all over my office making her cum several times before busting all over her face.

Daya Knight - Busty Birthday Surprise (2017) SATRip | 350 MB

автор: Reliz3r | 12.07.2017, 14:13 |

My sexy as fuck, bootylicious babe of a girlfriend Daya Knight has a surprise for me. She remembered my birthday and surprised me with a cake. She even decorated our bedroom with pretty things--but all I could think about was watching Daya twerk her wonderful ass in my face! Daya was looking hot as hell in a skimpy tank top and tight panties that were practically disappearing because her bubble butt is that big! I couldn't wait to rip off her panties and stick my fingers between her dripping wet pussy lips! After teasing me for a few minutes, Daya brought out the birthday balloons--her giant, all natural boobs! Daya teased me some more by fondling her massive tits as she dirty talked to me. But after a while, I just wanted her to blow my candle--sucking my dick, that is! I was ready to give this sexy slut the dicking she desired and this turned out to be the greatest birthday yet because Daya couldn't get enough of my icing--and by icing, I mean my cum deep inside her pussy for a surprise creampie!

To be perfectly honest, I didn't think I'd make it out of the LearnFDS car alive today! Ryan has sent me some absolute horrors before, but Busty Cookie took the cake. We nearly crashed! And on top of that, she cried. First it was something about Ryan that Busty said she couldn't tell me, and then more tears when I told her she was not at all prepared for her exam--stating the obvious, really. But I did want her to pass her test. And after our near mishap, Cookie offered me a massage with a vibrating back massager she kept in her purse. It was certainly relaxing. Since we still had the hour booked, I suggested Cookie continue to de-stress me. As soon as she took out those massive tits of hers, I felt pretty inadequate, but the pussy licking brought me around again. We had a lovely time, Cookie and I, complaining about Ryan and giving him a show for the cameras. After our chat, Cookie says she might even report him for his behavior. As for me, I can't wait until he finds this video!

Canela Skin (2017) SATRip | 254 MB

автор: Reliz3r | 12.07.2017, 14:10 |

Имя актрисы: Canela Skin

August Ames - Every Man's Fantasy 2 (2017) SATRip | 893 MB

автор: Reliz3r | 12.07.2017, 14:08 |

August continues on her journey of sexual discovery. Tired of pleasing men, she's now determined to do what she wants. To be satisfied, instead of just a sexual object made to satisfy men. It's her turn to be turned on and have her body worshiped. She has a new partner, and he knows exactly what she needs.

Год производства: 2017

Имя моделиKattie Gold

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