CZECH BITCH 24 (07.01.2014 г.) (2014) SATRip | 375.80 МB

Описание: Love for sale lasts forever. Especially with consumers like MIrek. This guy is in the mood for another street-walker again. Where should he try his luck today? Then he saw a tiny, but lovely brunette at a gas station. She looks promising and fucking without condom is her special offer for today. Great! Let’s taste this juicy pussy and let her taste the sausage Mirek brought with him. Mirek needs his pussy picture and then let’s start fucking. This girl is as flexible as a gymnast, that’s unbelievable. Guys, yu have never seen anything like this. This is one pretty cool whore. Mrek fucks her amazing pussy hard and cums all over her. Hurray for Czech whore! Enjoy another spectacular video full of Czech sluts! Only here, only now.
Формат видео: mp4
Продолжительность: 00:39:23
Видео: AVC; 704x396 (16:9); 1200 Kbps; 25 fps; 0,172 bpp
Аудио: AAC LC; 127 Kbps; CBR; 2 ch

CZECH BITCH 24 (07.01.2014 г.) (2014) SATRip | 375.80 МB

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