Жанр: Sex
Продолжительность: 00:26:08

Описание: Uma writes away in her work diary waiting for the day to pass when in walks a cheeky young man by the name of Roy. Uma is soon smiling as she realises her day is looking better by the minute. She helps undress the smiling dark haired young man and places him on her massage table where many men and women have laid before him. He was different however and from the start of the treatment she could tell he had a whole other agenda, he was constantly trying to slide his hand up her top and he would keep looking at her in the eyes and beaming a big smile at her to entice her into his sexual lure. After such advances even a professional such as Uma could not resist and soon began to undress herself until eventually after massaging him he was very hard. She climbed on top of him and started to rub his young cock on her freshly shaven pussy after which she started to slide it into herself. Minutes later she had to slide back off Roy as he spurted his hot load all over her breasts and himself. No longer was there a cheeky young man before her but a slightly embarrassed one, this did not bother Uma as she proceeded in having her way with him until much later on when he once again he exploded but this time all over her moist hole. Uma soon came to the conclusion that you never know what's round the corner in the Massage Rooms.

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Uma On Roy (2013) 1080p | 1.49 GB 

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