VA - Christmas Chillout - Winter Del Mar (2013) MP3 | 164.9 MB

Формат: MP3, tracks, 320kbps
Год выпуска: 2013
Страна: All World
Жанр: Chillout
Продолжительность: 01:11:37

1. Smooth Lullaby - Bells Del Mar of Christmas (Ambient Chill Mix) (3:14)
2. Quiet Loudness - Enjoy the Night (Orange Cupid Edit) (5:14)
3. Illuminated Atlas - Swing of the Wintertime (Home for Christmas Edit) (10:49)
4. Rainbow Soldiers - Dear Brothers and Heros (Wrecking Stars Edit) (4:09)
5. Elementary - Winter Wonderland (Christmas Dream) (Pure Pop Is Art Mix) (6:40)
6. Odd Diamonds - Without Love (David vs. DJ Pop Love It Mix) (5:45)
7. Ms. Jones and the Fireflies - It's Christmas (When the Snow's Falling Down) (Wrapped in Red Mix) (3:31)
8. Dreamer of a Disillusion - If You Wait (I Might Come) (Hunger for a Game of Love Remix) (4:31)
9. Behind the Mirror - Snowflakes and Milky Ways (Stirling, Gold and Silver Mix) (3:58)
10. Healing Skys - Open Sky (Forte and Light Mix) (5:08)
11. Chill Pioneers - Magic Christmas Dream (Last Christmas Is a Fairytale Cut) (5:33)
12. Echoes of Spirit - Sail Away to Golden Ground (New Chill Del Mar Cut) (4:02)
13. Water InMe - Loversland (Silent Winter Lounge Cut) (3:34)
14. Gold Fools - Magic and Spirit (Breeze of the Sea Mix) (5:24)

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